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2015 Newsletters

12/28/2015 – Year in Review and How you can help

11/30/2015 – Please Support Class Size Matters and NCLB Revision 

11/24/2015 – Updates on Common Core Survey, Student Privacy, and worsening crisis in Class Size & School Overcrowding

11/02/2015 – Last Chance to sign up for our Parent Action Conference; and violation of student privacy by charter CEO

10/23/ 2015 – Update on November 7th Conference, class size violations this fall and time to move forward on school overcrowding

10/06/2015 – Parent Action Conference Nov.7; Please Sign Up Today! Updates on Arne Duncan, school overcrowding, and class size violations in Kindergarten

9/17/2015 – Update on the Mayor’s Plans for Our Schools & Please Take Our Survey Now!

9/15/2015 – Please Take Our Class Size Survey, Renewal/PROSE Schools, and Update on Student Privacy

08/28/2015 – Why Parents Opt Out and our Lawsuit vs The City City on School Leadership Team Meetings

08/17/2015 – Update on struggling schools scandal and our C4E comments

08/13/2015 – Update on state tests and opt outs, our meeting with new Commissioner, and last chance to sign petition on class size!

07/30/2015 – Update on city’s decision to reject class size recommendations of DOE working group

07/23/2015 – Update! Sign our Petition on class size, and what the DOE survey and IBO analysis of charter funding left out

07/10/2015 – Update on Senate bill, Pearson’s lost testing contract, our SLT lawsuit, and borough hearings on class size

06/24/2015 – Update on how the state and city deals will affect our schools

06/22/2015 – Urgent: call today to expand the capital plan and eliminate school overcrowding!!

06/15/2015 – School overcrowding: Please come to our press conference Thursday at 1 PM

06/11/2015 – Urgent! Please call your Council member to end school overcrowding today!

06/04/2015 – Urgent! Please call your Council Member today about need to address school overcrowding!

05/20/2015 – Update on the opt out movement, field tests, school overcrowding and the Skinnies

05/11/2015 – Buy your tickets now! Annual “Skinny” award dinner & disappointing school capital plan

04/26/2015 – Tomorrow’s live stream panel on student privacy, and news of our victory in court!

04/22/2015 – Send a message to your legislators to oppose raising the cap on charters, private school tuition tax credits and amend mayoral control

4/20/2015 – Updates on opt out and NYC KidsPAC releases Mayor de Blasio’s education report card

4/16/2015 – Historic opt out levels. media today & join us Sunday to give a report card to the Mayor!

04/02/2015 – Flawed state budget bill gives parents more reasons to opt out

03/31/2015 – Cuomo’s budget bill doubles down on testing; please call now!

03/30/2015 – Latest from Albany: Please make a call today to stop Cuomo’s latest test-based scheme

03/18/2015 – Take a minute now and send a letter to the Gov. and Legislature to Support our Public Schools, Don’t Dismantle Them!

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