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Our critique of the DOE preliminary budget & the capital plan & what should be done instead

March 17, 2023 Hearings were held on Wed. before the Education committee of the City Council on the DOE preliminary budget and the Feb. amendment to the capital plan.  During the hearings, the DOE admitted that they plan to cut school budgets even more next year, though they wouldn’t say by how much.  Instead, the […]

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Budget priorities for FY 2024: Urge the City Council to restore the savage cuts made to school budgets this year

Our education budget priorities for next year, FY 2024, are here and below. They are focused on the need for schools to have their budgets restored and the cuts made this year reversed. If you agree with these proposals, please forward them to your City Council Member. We have also drafted a new resolution for […]

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New proposed capital plan cuts $2.3B for new school seats compared to plan adopted in 2021

March 5, 2023 The new proposed amendment to the 5-year capital plan for schools was recently released; you can check it out here. Compared to the capital plan adopted in June 2021, the DOE/SCA wants to cut the number of new school seats to be built by 38% — or over 21,000.  This is inconceivable […]

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Why the charter cap should NOT be raised & what should CECs and parents do about this.

Updated March 5, 2023 You can  send an email to your Legislators here, in opposition  to Gov. Hochul’s proposal to lift the NYC charter cap and that instead the charter law needs to be strengthened, to eliminate NYC’s onerous and unfair obligation to provide all new and expanding charter schools with space, remove loopholes which […]

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What the Chancellor said on class size and raising the charter cap

Feb. 15, 2023 1. Last week, state education budget hearings were held, where many groups, advocates and organizations inveighed against the Governor’s proposal to expand the cap on charter schools. Chancellor Banks also testified and was non-committal, saying it was up to the Mayor weigh in, But under questioning from Sen. Liz Krueger, he admitted […]

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State budget testimony: Mayor plans to making even more cuts to school budgets next year, despite $568 million more in state Foundation aid

Feb. 12, 2023 Below see Class Size Matters’ testimony from last week’s  State education budget hearings, which describe some of the many reasons we are extremely concerned that the DOE is not prepared to meet the class size limits in the new state law, especially in the out years, given repeated cuts to school budgets, […]

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Send a message today, urging the Gov & Legislature: Don’t raise the cap on charters; instead repeal NYC’s obligation to give them with space & require more accountability!

Feb. 7, 2023 Last week, Gov. Hochul proposed raising the cap on charter schools so that 100-300 more could be authorized statewide and in NYC, since every new charter school is allowed to expand to all grade levels.  Charters are already costing the city about $3 billion per year, and this could double the cost, […]

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Testimony on why DOE should improve its enrollment/admissions policies to better meet the goals in the new class size law

January 25, 2023 For my account of these hearings, and the disappointing testimony of Deputy Chancellor Weisberg, see the NYC Public School Parent blog here. You can also read Jenn Choi’s testimony at that link, about the hurdles students with disabilities face being admitted to schools that meet their needs and allow them to reach […]

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Mayor proposes additional cuts of $800 million to DOE; how school budgets would be affected unclear

January 13, 2023 Yesterday, the Mayor released his preliminary budget for next year.  DOE as a whole would be cut by another $800 million, over and above a cut of an additional $176 million made in November.  Though more than $500 million of these reductions appear to relate to the decision to halt the further […]

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Cuts to school budgets as of Jan. 12, 2023 compared to last year total $823 million net

January 12, 2023 Yesterday, we re-ran the numbers on the Galaxy cuts to schools for this year, and the total net cuts at this point compared to last year are now at $823 million.  Fully 86% of schools have experienced cuts to their budgets totaling $893 million, averaging about $655,000 each.  See the table below.  […]

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