Watch our new video: Why class size matters!

 NYC educators, parents, students, elected officials explain how class size has a profound impact on learning and the quality of education, especially for disadvantaged and high needs students, and that for the sake of true equity, class sizes should be reduced in NYC and nationwide.  If you agree, please sign our petition to the […]

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New! NYC Mayoral candidate positions on public education issues

Updated June 14, 2021. Below is our summary of the positions of the leading candidates for NYC Mayor on a range of critical education issues. For maximum readability, download it and read at 100% of its size. Please share with others!

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Class Size Matters & Shino Tanikawa Testimony on the FY 2022 budget: In Support of $250 million to lower class size

Below and here is our May 2, 2021  testimony before the NYC Council Finance Committee on the FY 2021 budget, in support of a separate allocation of $250 million for class size reduction. Below that is the testimony of Shino Tanikawa, co-chair of the Education Council Consortium, which represents the members of the parent-led Citywide […]

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Contact your legislators & the Mayor to ensure that NYC lowers class size!

Please ask your legislators to support S.6296 and A. 7447, the bills that would update NYC’s obligation to lower class size  by clicking here.  The bills have growing support, but time is short!  We only have less than two weeks before the Legislature adjourns for the year. Memos of support for these bills have now […]

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Results from Parent Action Conference 2021: How do parents, educators & students want $8B in additional funds to be spent?

On Sat. May 22, 2021, we had a great Parent Action Conference, co-sponsored with NYC Kids PAC and Teens Take Charge, to brainstorm on how parents, educators and students would like the $8B in additional federal and state funds should be spent to meet our students’ needs.  Thanks to all her participated! Our terrific keynote […]

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CPAC: Why next year will be our best opportunity to lower class size in our schools

We gave this power point presentation to the Chancellor’s Parent Advisory Council on 5.6.21 on why next year, because of the big increase in state and federal funding, we will have the best opportunity to lower class size, at a time  when students will need smaller classes more than ever before. Here it is a […]

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Please send a letter on the need to lower class size to your State Senator today! and other updates

May 15, 2021 Please send a letter today to your State Legislators by clicking here, urging them to sign onto S.6296 , introduced by Sen. Robert Jackson, and A.7447 , introduced by Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon, to update and renew NYC’s commitment to lower class size in all grades – especially now our schools are […]

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How do you think NYC should spend $8 billion to improve our schools? Attend our conference & take our survey

We are holding our annual Parent Action Conference on Sat. May 22 from 11 AM – 1 PM with Kids PAC, to gain input from parents, teachers and others on how NYC should invest the $8 billion in additional state and federal funds our schools are due to receive in the next two to three […]

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FAQ: Why NYC Schools should use infusion of new federal & state funds to lower class size next year

Check out the fact sheet here or below.  If you support smaller classes, please urge your CEC or community group to support this resolution.  Please also sign our petition here.

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Resolutions and memos of support for class size reduction, starting in Fall 2021

This resolution is also posted as a pdf here.  The Chancellors Parent Advisory Council  has passed a similar one, as has Community Board 2 in Manhattan, CB12 in Manhattan, CEC 2, CEC 8, CEC 15, CEC 27 and the Education Council Consortium. Here’s are memos of support for the state legislation S.6296/A7447  submitted by the […]

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