Send a message now to City Council: please don’t cut school budgets or the capital plan!

June 14, 2023 Our annual Parent Action Conference on Saturday was a great success, and we will have follow-up information soon with links to some of the presentations and videos. One of the issues we covered was the looming budget cuts to schools. Though the DOE says that schools’ initial school funding for next year […]

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Take action now! urge NY legislators not to cut education funding for next year!

Please contact your legislators now, urging them NOT to cut education funding next year as Gov. Cuomo threatens to do,  by clicking here. Our full legislative agenda is below.

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Strengthen the Contract for Excellence Law: Stronger Accountability, Transparency, and a Plan to Reduce Class Size

Please send a message to your legislators today to urge them to fully fund our schools and that there should be stronger accountability, transparency and an actual plan that results in smaller classes in the NYC public schools, as envisioned in the original Campaign for Fiscal Equity decision. In that case,  the state’s highest court […]

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