2014 News clips

Advocates eagerly await E-Rate vote- Pearson to revamp PISA- Sobering pleas on school violence- Jindal Blast Duncan ahead of NOLA visit

Caitlin Emma, Politico

December 11, 2014


UFT calls for end of tax break for absentee co-op and condo owners to cut K-3 classes to 15

Masie Mcadoo, UFT News

December 9, 2014


To reduce class sizes, UFT looks to absentee landlords

Brian Charles, Chalkbeat New York

December 9, 2014


Cut City Class Sizes by Increasing Taxes on Absentee Owners: UFT

Sybile Penhirin, DNAinfo

December 9, 2014


Teachers Union Wants City to Close Tax Loopholes for Absentee Apartment Owners

Leslie Brody, Wall Street Journal

December 9, 2014

Union: Absentee Homeowners should help NYC schools

Beth Fertig, WNYC Schoolbook

December 9, 2014


Parents, legislators push back against Common Core

Kelli B. Grant, CNBC

December 1, 2014


Is there a school for my child? Education options

Nadine Hoffmann, The Villager

November 27, 2014


Washington passes class size initiative — 2016 field packed with education wonks — FSU president will meet with outraged students

Maggie Severns, Politico

November 10, 2014


Students finding success with ‘flipped’ learning

Asbury Park Press

November 5, 2014


Bond Act Passage Translates to More Seats in NYC Schools

Patricia Willens, WNYC Schoolbook

November 5, 2014


Why I’m Voting ‘Yes’ on the Smart Schools Bond Act, Proposition 3

Leonie Haimson, Gotham Gazette

November 4, 2014


About these three proposals on Tuesday’s NY ballot

Mary Frost, Brooklyn Daily Eagle

November 3, 2014


Play Nice: NYC Panel Recommends Space-Sharing Tactics for Schools

Beth Fertig, WNYC SchoolBook

October 31, 2014


Challenges of having charter schools in the city buildings are being tackled by an expert panel

Ben Chapman, New York Daily News

October 31, 2014


N.Y.C. Schools to Open Doors to Student Cellphones

Sam Atkeson, Education Week

October 29, 2014


EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Education Department official’s $420K contract violate ethics rules, critics say

Ben Chapman, New York Daily News

October 19, 2014


Ed. Data-Mining Research Effort Wins Federal Grant, Raises Privacy Questions

Benjamin Herold, Education Week

October 10, 2014


Student-Privacy Pledge for Ed-Tech Providers Draws Praise, Criticism

Michele Molnar, Education Week

October 7, 2014


Teachers union gives de Blasio a pass on school overcrowding

Yoav Gonan and Carl Campanile, New York Post

October 3, 2014


Quietly, UFT reports that classroom overcrowding is getting worse

Geoff Decker, Chalkbeat

September 30, 2014


NYC Schools Overcrowded, Professors Say (+Video)

Petr Svab, Epoch Times

September 24, 2014


City’s most crowded school packs in 4 times its capacity

Susan Edelman, New York Post

September 7, 2014


EE.UU.: Cinco millones de niños estudian en contenedores

Anahi Rubin,  teleSUR

September 1, 2014


State defends test-scoring adjustments as rates creep up

Geoff Decker, Chalkbeat

August 18, 2014


Public schools getting safer as violent incidents decrease

Aaron Short, New York Post

August 12, 2014


New York Posts ‘Parents’ Bill of Rights’ to Safeguard Student Data

Karla Scoon Reid, Education Week

August 12, 2014


Nike and other brand names turn up on Common Core tests

Stephen Rex Brown and Ben Chapman, New York Daily News

August 7, 2014


THE GRADE: Student privacy, charter school bills in the work

Lauren Foreman, The Bakersfield Californian

August 6, 2014


Who can access K-12 students’ personal data? No one really knows

Mary C. Tillotson, Hawaii Reporter

August 4, 2014


States offers last-minute ‘parents’ bill of rights’ on protecting student data

Gary Stern, Lohud.com

July 30, 2014


Hacinamiento en escuelas de NYC, el problema de nunca acabar

Marlene Paralta, El Diario

July 30, 2014


When odd bedfellows raise eyebrows- States rebel against smart snack standards- Empowering pregnant and parenting students

Caitlin Emma, Politico

July 25, 2014


InBloom Critics Launch ‘Parent Coalition for Student Privacy’


July 25, 2014


Delayed student data ‘bill of rights’ met with concern

Gary Stern, Lohud.com

July 24, 2014


Parent Groups Call for Congressional Data-Privacy Hearings

Benjamin Herold, Education Weekly

July 23, 2014


High hopes for a Senate surveillance reform vote this month- The House GOP’s digit push- NCSL to Wheeler: We’ll sue over municipal broadband

Erin Mershon, Politico

July 23, 2014


Schools cited for ‘extreme’ crowding

Maya Rajami, The Riverdale Press

July 16, 2014


Mayor de Blasio calls overcrowded public schools ‘unacceptable’

Juan Gonzalez, NY Daily News

July 11, 2014


Class Size Concerns at CDEC 30

Queens Gazette by Richard Gentilviso

July 9, 2014


EXCLUSIVE: Audit shows 1 in 3 schools overcrowded in 2012, city officials failed to solve problem

New York Daily News by Juan Gonzalez

July 9, 2014


Opinion: Time to Tackle Class Size

WNYC Schoolbook by Leonie Haimson and Wendy Lecker

July 2, 2014


Public Schools in New York City Are Poorer and More Crowded, Budget Agency Finds

New York Times by Al Baker

July 1, 2014


Overcrowding grows at city schools despite mayor’s vows

New York Post by Aaron Short

June 28, 2014


City Education Department no longer counting classroom trailers as public school space

New York Daily News by Ben Chapman

June 28, 2014


Released earlier than usual, Blue Book now counts students in trailers

Chalkbeat NY by Patrick Wall

June 27, 2014


NYC Schools Wrestle with ‘Bad Math’ on Trailer Count

WNYC by Beth Fertig

June 18, 2014


New York City’s Classroom Space Crunch

Gotham Gazette by Leonie Haimson

June 17, 2014


Are Schools Putting Your Child’s Information at Risk?

Fox Business by Sienna Kossman

June 16, 2014


Parents fight for their right to protect privacy

Deseret News by Emily Hales

June 10, 2014


DOE Fails to Count Thousands of Students Taking Class in Trailers: Report

DNA Info by Amy Zimmer

June 9, 2014


Advocates argue Mayor de Blasio’s $4.4 billion school plan won’t fix classroom overcrowding

New York Daily News by Ben Chapman

June 7, 2014


Report: City’s budget plan doesn’t do enough to end school overcrowding

Chalkbeat NY by Patrick Wall

June 6, 2014


Pre-K Offers in New York City Equal Relief Plus Anxiety

The Wall Street Journal by Leslie Brody

June 6, 2014


Critics Warn City’s School Construction Plan Comes Up Short

WNYC by Beth Fertig

June 6, 2014


Big Brother: Meet the Parents

Politico by Stephanie Simon

June 5, 2014


At weekend rally, a mix of opposition to Gov. Cuomo and state tests

Chalkbeat NY by Patrick Wall

May 19, 2014


Judge Dismisses Attempt to Block Co-Locations

WNYC by Beth Fertig

May 16, 2014


Beyond inBloom with Class Size Matters and Bad Ass Teachers

We Act Radio/Education Town Hall (RADIO)

May 15, 2014


Privacy jitters derail controversial K-12 big data initiative

Computerworld by Jaikumar Vijayan

April 24, 2014


inBloom withers

Politico by Stephanie Simon

April 22, 2014


Data-gatherer inBloom to fold

Albany Times-Union by Rick Karlin

April 22, 2014


InBloom calling it quits, and CEO cites New York’s “misunderstandings”

Chalkbeat by Sarah Darville

April 21, 2014


Sun Set son Controversial Student Data Project  inBloom

WNYC Schoolbook by Yasmeen Khan

April 21, 2014


What inBloom’s Shutdown Means for the Industry

EdSurge by Mary Jo Madda

April 21, 2014


Parental Opposition Fells inBloom Education-Software Firm

The Wall Street Journal by Elizabeth Dwoskin and Lisa Fleisher

April 21, 2014


Data service inBloom calls it quits

Long Island Newsday by Jo Napolitano

April 21, 2014


$100 million Gates-funded student data project ends in failure

The Washington Post by Valerie Strauss

April 21, 2014


After NY’s withdrawal, inBloom to shut down

LoHud.com by Joseph Spector

April 21, 2014


inBloom to Shut Down Amid Growing Data-Privacy Concerns

Education Week by Benjamin Herold

April 21, 2014


NYC Parents, Teachers Protest New Charter Schools Law

Epoch Times by Petr Svab

April 12, 2014


33,000 New York Children Skip Standardized Tests

Epoch Times by Petr Svab

April 6, 2014


Student privacy activists win a big one

Washington Post by Valerie Strauss

April 4, 2014


Riled parents seek education answers

Queens Chronicle by Michael Gannon

April 3, 2014


State Nixes Controversial Plan to Share Student Data With inBloom

DNA Info by Amy Zimmer

April 3, 2014


What Will Happen to ‘Big Data’ in Education?

KQED MindShift by Anya Kamenetz

April 3, 2014


An uncertain future for big data in education

NPR Marketplace by Amy Scott

April 2, 2014


An uncertain future for big data in education

NPR Marketplace by Amy Scott

April 2, 2014


State Education Department abandons inBloom data-sharing plan

LoHud/The Journal News by Gary Stern

April 2, 2014


Case study: How politicians ignore parents on school reform

Washington Post by Carol Burris

April 1, 2014


De Blasio sued by own allies to overturn charter school openings

New York Post by Carl Campanile

March 26, 2014


Mayor de Blasio promises charter schools can share district space – with ‘ground rules’

New York Daily News by Ben Chapman and Erin Durkin

March 25, 2014


Rivalry between Mayor de Blasio and Eva Moskowitz stretches beyond charter schools

New York Daily News by Annie Karni

March 16, 2014


Forum Updates Public on Common Core (Radio & Print)

WAMC by Pat Bradley

March 14, 2014


Avella compromises on charter schools to sign off on Senate budgeting bill

Chalkbeat New York by Geoff Decker

March 14, 2014


State Education Panel Says inBloom Controversy a Distraction

Epoch Times by Peter Svab

March 11, 2014


Money’s big role in the Charter School fight (VIDEO)

The Ed Show, MSNBC

March 10, 2014


Student privacy debate continues

Queens Chronicle by Tess McRae

March 6, 2014


Ed. Dept. Makes Protecting Student Data a High Priority

Education Week by Benjamin Herold

March 5, 2014


States Lag in Linking Data on Early Childhood Programs

Government Technology by Julie Blair, McClatchy News Service

February 27, 2014


U.S. Education Department Issues Guidance on Student Data Privacy

Education Week by Benjamin Herold

February 25, 2014


DOE Pledges to Involve Parents in School Co-Locations and Other Decisions

DNA Info by Amy Zimmer

February 24, 2014


Mayor de Blasio’s pre-K plan needs thousands of qualified classrooms, teachers in short time

New York Daily News by Ben Chapman

February 23, 2014


Student data to Be Given to Controversial inBloom in Summer, State Says

DNA Info by Amy Zimmer

February 20, 2014


School Plan Would Cram 46 Kids Into Single Queens Classroom

DNA Info by Amy Zimmer

February 19, 2014


De Blasio v. Cuomo I: The Altercation in Albany

Huffington Post by Alan Singer

February 13, 2014


‘My grades went from a D to an A’: How Flipped Learning lets kids do homework in class time and have school lessons at home

Daily Mail (UK)

February 10, 2014


Judge Dismisses New York Parents’ Lawsuit Against inBloom

Education Week by Benjamin Herold

February 10, 2014


Blame the Policy Makers for Poor Schools

The New York Times by Leonie Haimson

February 9, 2014


Here’s How to Guard Your Child’s Privacy Amid NYC’s Student-Data Sharing

DNAInfo by Amy Zimmer

February 6, 2014


Where inBloom Wilted

EdSurge by Mary Jo Madda

February 5, 2014


The School District’s Budget Problem is In Bloom

Sloatsburg Village

February 4, 2014


4 education overhauls to watch for in 2014

Salon.com/Alternet.org by Owen Davis

February 4, 2014


De Blasio Aims to Cut Charter School Funds

Wall Street Journal by Lisa Fleisher

January 31, 2014


Send Arne Duncan to Mars!: A State of the Union wish list for liberals

Salon.com by Josh Eidelson

January 28, 2014


Plan would track students from preschool to workforce

USAToday by Gary Stern

January 26, 2014



Common Core critics decry school reforms in forum at Ardsley Middle School

LoHud.com by Gary Stern

January 24, 2014


Class Size Matters executive: Funds drained for NYC public schools thanks to charters

New York Daily News by Leonie Haimson

January 14, 2014


Cantor picks schoolyard fight with de Blasio

Melissa Harris-Perry Show, MSNBC

January 11, 2014


New annex planned for overcrowded  Intermediate School 125 Thom J. McCann Woodside School

New York Daily News by Tobias Salinger

January 10, 2014


N.Y. postpones release of student data to inBloom; legislators see chance to address privacy

LoHud by Gary Stern

January 9, 2014


New York State Delays Uploading Private Student Data to Cloud

Education Week by Michele Molnar

January 9, 2014


inBloom Sputters Amid Concerns About Privacy of Student Data

Education Week by Ben Kamisar

January 7, 2014


Student privacy concerns grow in over data ‘in a cloud’

The Washington Post by Carol Burris

January 3, 2014


Poll: Stop Data-Share

Ridgewood Times by Max Jaeger

January 2, 2014

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