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City Scraps Change to G&T Policy, and Other News of Note

Schoolbook by Beth Fertig

December 19, 2012


New ‘Trigger’ Law May Increase Number of Charter Schools

Scripps Howard by Kamrel Eppinger

December 13, 2012


School Rezoning’s Border Wars

The New York Times by Soni Sangha

November 23, 2012


New York City Mayoral Candidates Discuss Education

Epoch Times by Zachary Stieber

November 21, 2012


Educate All Kids like Sasha and Malia

In these Times by Leonie Haimson

November 21, 2012


New York State Board Of Regents Approves Utica Academy Of Science, State’s 4th Gulen Movement-Affiliated Charter School

Huff Post Education Blog

November 18, 2012


Not just candidates: Workers’ rights and education hang on ballot measures

Daily Kos Labor by Laura Clawson

November 5, 2012


Advocates Turn Up Pressure as City Mulls Overcrowding Tallies

GothamSchools by Geoff Decker

October 26, 2012


Parent Trigger Laws Don’t Give Parents a Voice

U.S. News Debate Club by Leonie Haimson

October 26, 2012


Proposed ‘de-zoning’ of Washington Heights school  district gets mixed reviews from activists in Bronx

New York Daily News by Corinne Lestch

October 18, 2012


NY1 Exclusive: After Mistakes, State Officials Amend Contract With Test Producer

NY1 by Lindsey Christ

October 18, 2012


State releases agreement for data system that raised concerns

Gotham Schools by Philissa Cramer

October 15, 2012


Parent Activists Concerned About Student Database

WNYC News Blog by Alec Hamilton

October 15, 2012


Fear over student database in hands of Rupert Murdoch company

NY Daily News by Rachel Monahan

October 14, 2012


Parents Concerned That School Records Could Be Used To Make Money

CBS NY by Alex Silverman

October 14, 2012


NY parent activists worried about student database

The Wall Street Journal by the Associated Press

October 14, 2012


Parent activists worried about student database

WABC News by the Associated Press

October 14, 2012


Novel idea? Emphasis on nonfiction over fiction shaking up Illinois classrooms

The Chicago Tribune by Diane Rado

October 2, 2012


Does Class Size Affect Learning?


October 2, 2012


A struggling school, a bitter fight over ‘parent trigger’ law and no tidy Hollywood ending (a la ‘Won’t Back Down’) in sight

NBCNews by Natasha Lindstrom

October 2, 2012


“Won’t Back Down”: Corporate Education Reform and the Rhetoric of Fiction

Education Radio

September 29, 2012


New York Class Size: Nearly Half Of Public Schools Have Overcrowded Classrooms, UFT Says

The Huffington Post by Alex Kuczynski-Brown

September 26, 2012


UFT: City’s special education reforms causing class size crunch

GothamSchools by Philissa Cramer

September 25, 2012


Teachers Union Voices Concern Over Class Sizes

The Wall Street Journal Blog by Lisa Fleisher

September 25, 2012


Union: Special Ed Reforms Worsen Overcrowding

SchoolBook by Hiten Samtani

September 25, 2012


Growing pains: Union, teachers and students complain about crush of 6,620 oversized classes in city schools

New York Daily News by Jennifer H. Cunningham and Ben Chapman

September 25, 2012


We’re the real parents, and we won’t back down!

NewsWorks by Darcie Cimarusti

September 24, 2012


City Opening 4,000 Full-Day Pre-K Seats in High-Need Neighborhoods
DNAinfo.com by Jill Colvin

September 24, 2012


Thousands of City Students Have Trailers For Classrooms DNAinfo.com by Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska

September 20, 2012


School Yard Politics: A Guide to Who’s Playing

SchoolBook by Yasmeen Khan

September 17, 2012 



One-on-one education

CNN: Schools of Thought by Chris Boyette

September 12, 2012


Teacher Unions Put to Test

CNBC: The Kudlow Show

September 11, 2012


The Reality and the Hype Behind Online Learning and the ‘School of One’

The Huffington Post by Leonie Haimson

September 7, 2012


Pushing for Class Size of One

The Wall Street Journal by Sophia Hollander

September 5, 2012


Canarsie principal creates larger classes to help teachers and students learn

Daily News by Mark Morales

September 05, 2012


Won’t Back Down” draws controversy

Democratic Underground

September 1, 2012


Shortfall in essays at elite N.Y.C. high schools

New York Daily News by Rachel Monahan

August 18, 2012


Trudy Lieberman on Medicare & the campaign; Leonie Haimson on “Won’t Back Down”

FAIR: CounterSpin

August 17, 2012


FAQ on the Controversial Film Won’t Back Down: What Parents Need to Know

The Huffington Post by Leonie Haimson

August 13, 2012


Common Core Standards Boon to E-Learning Industry

The New York Times SchoolBook by Hiten Samtani

August 3, 2012


Joe Smith: Tests Don’t Assess What Really Matters

TexasISD.com by Joe F. Smith

July 31, 2012


City’s $80M Student Data System To Be Replaced by State Portal

DNAinfo.com by Jill Colvin & Amy Zimmer

July 30, 2012


Tests Don’t Assess What Really Matters

New York Times by Leonie Haimson

July 29, 2012


State ed reform task force meeting draws a crowd, and some ire

Gotham Schools by Geoff Decker

July 26, 2012


Cut Education Now, Pay Later: ‘What Does This Kind Of Negligence Do To Our Students?’

Huffington Post by Lucia Graves

July 24, 2012 



The Wall Street Journal Covers Up ALEC Link To Anti-Union School Privatization Law

Media Matters for America by Melody Johnson

July 24, 2012


‘Smaller Class Size’ Tops List Of Changes New York City Parents Want In Their Children’s Schools

Huffington Post

July 23, 2012


What Common Core Means for Publishers

Publishers Weekly by Karen Springer

‎July 18, 2012


Larger Class Sizes, Education Cuts Harm Children’s Chance To Learn

Huffington Post by Joy Resmovitz

‎July 17, 2012


Department of Education releases dropout statistics

The Riverdale Press by Sarina Trangle

‎July 11, 2012


Politicians Ignore Research, Say Smaller Class Size Makes No Difference

National Education Association by Ava Wallace

‎July 9, 2012


One Phone At A Time

WNYC Radio by Radio Rookies

‎July 3, 2012


Mayors Back Parent-Trigger Laws for “Drop-out Factories”

Special to Stateline by Teresa Wiltz

June 19, 2012


Storing Students’ Banned Cell Phones is Big Business in New York

The Nation by Peter Rothberg

‎June 19, 2012


$4M pay phones

New York Post by Pedro Oliveira Jr., Natasha Velez and Yoav Gonen

‎June 18, 2012


Comments of the week: interviews, testing and targets

Gotham Schools by Geoff Decker

‎June 15, 2012‎





City Official on Special Ed Plan: ‘This Is Going Forward’

New York Times by Kyle Spencer

‎June 14, 2012‎


Educating for Democracy: Awakening From the American Dream

Huffington Post by Joel Shatzky

‎June 12, 2012‎


US parents protest surge in standardized testing

Reuters by Stephanie Simon

‎June 12, 2012‎


The Lessons of Pineapplegate

New York Times by Leonie Haimson

‎June 6, 2012‎


Questioning Turnaround at Lehman High School in the Bronx

MetroFocus by John Farley

‎May 31, 2012‎


New York State Field Tests: ‘Students Should Not Be Informed’ 


Huffington Post by Gregory Kristof

‎May 28, 2012


California schools expand lessons with computer aid

TheReporter.com by the Associated Press

May 27, 2012


Obama Campaign ‘Truth Team’ Conflates Smears with Criticisms …

ABC News blog by Jake Tapper

‎May 26, 2012


Does Ed Secretary Duncan agree with Romney on class size?

Washington Post by Valerie Strauss ‎

May 26, 2012


CEC District 29 mulls middle school choice

New York Daily News by Clare Trapasso ‎

May 16, 2012‎


Fresh off “pineapple” episode, state identifies math exam errors

GothamSchools by Philissa Cramer

April 24, 2012


The pineapple, the eggplant, and the missed moral

Education Gadfly by Kathleen Porter-Magee

April 20, 2012



Talking pineapple question on state exam stumps … everyone!

Daily News by Rachel Monahan and Ben Chapman

April 19, 2012


As testing starts, critics plan post-teacher evaluation deal efforts

GothamSchools by Geoff Decker

April 18, 2012


Added Schools Lag Housing

‎Wall Street Journal by Joseph De Avila

March 13, 2012


What We Told the State Education Commissioner

NY Times by Katherine Sprowal

March 12, 2012





Queens to get about 3000 new classroom seats

‎New York Daily News by Clare Trapasso

March 8, 2012


He’s standing up for school

New York Daily News by Patrice O’Shaughnessy

March 8, 2012





Teacher evaluations shed light on effectiveness

Queens Courier by Michael Pantelidis

Feb. 28, 2012


State Eyes Shielding Teachers

Wall Street Journal by Lisa Fleisher and Jacob Gershman

February 27, 2012


Analysis: Shaming Teachers Is Not Good Educational Policy

NBC New York by Gabe Pressman

Feb 27, 2012‎


New York teacher evaluations used to deepen attack on public education

World Socialist Web Site by Philip Guelpa and Steve Light

Feb 26, 2012


With Release of Teacher Data, Setback for Union Turns Into a Rallying Cry

NY Times by Fernanda Santos and Anna M. Phillips

Feb 26, 2012


Winning and losing teachers

NY Daily News by Rachel Monahan

Feb. 24, 2012


video: Leonie Haimson On School System, Inaccuracies Of Teacher Evaluations

WPIX-11 News

February 23, 2012


Great Oaks proposal sparks larger debate over charters

‎Downtown Express by Aline Reynolds

February 22, 2012


Kids at closing schools better off – city

New York Daily News by Ben Chapman

Feb 1, 2012


Chelsea parent is an unlikely ally in the school closure fights

GothamSchools by Rachel Cromidas

January 30, 2012


New advocacy group with city roots enters state’s reform fray

GothamSchools by Geoff Decker

January 11, 2013


In blow, judge denies effort to force charter schools to pay rent

GothamSchools by Geoff Decker

Jan. 3, 2012


Charters Don’t Have to Pay Rent, for Now

New York Times by Anna M. Phillips

Jan 3, 2012‎


Public School Advocates Skeptical of Cuomo Education Reform Plans

PolitickerNY by David Freedlander

Jan. 2, 2012


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