2013 News clips

Parents Sue to Ensure de Blasio Stops All Pending School Co-Locations

DNAInfo.com by Serena Solomon

December 30, 2013


Mark-Viverito leads charter-halt suit

New York Post by Joe Tacapino

December 30, 2013


New York Battle Over inBloom, Data Privacy Heading to Court

Education Week by Michele Molnar

December 27, 2013


Exposing the education “reformers” big lie: Here’s how progressives – and our kids – beat the corporate establishment

Salon.com by Jeff Bryant

December 20, 2013


Report: NYC class sizes still too big, ten years after historic court ruling

Brooklyn Daily Eagle by Mary Frost

December 19, 2013


Grading the Education Mayor

The Indypendent by Leonie Haimson

December 17, 2013


Tisch backs Regents for re-election

Capital New York by Jessica Bakeman

December 16, 2013


Report: Student data should be controlled by schools, not state

Elmira Star-Gazette by Gary Stern

December 16, 2013


Study: Student data not safe in cloud

Slate.com by Ariel Bogle

December 16, 2013


Obama Administration Fends Off Complains About Press Access

The Root by Richard Prince

December 14, 2013


Report: Student data should be controlled by schools, not state

LoHud.com by Gary Stern

December 13, 2013


Educators: Common Core report by senator falls short on changes

LoHud.com by Randi Weiner

December 12, 2013


De Blasio’s top pick turns down schools chancellor post

New York Post by Beth DeFalco

December 10, 2013


Ed critics seize on a Bill Gates connection

Capital New York by Jessica Bakeman

December 9, 2013


Educational Data Program Stirs Up Controversy in Upstate NY

The Jewish Voice by Marc Cohen

December 4, 2013


InBloom says data is secure; NSA said the same thing

Valley Stream Herald by Howard Schwach

December 3, 2013


Legislative-Advocacy Group’s Model Bill Tackles Privacy of Student Data

Education Week by Benjamin Herold

December 3, 2013


Bill de Blasio changes mind on public input into schools chancellor decision

New York Daily News by Erin Durkin and Ben Chapman

December 3, 2013


Common Core: N.Y. has begun uploading student data, ed commissioner tells schools (videos)

LoHud.com by Gary Stern

December 2, 2013


de Blasio says he won’t put chancellor finalists on ‘display’

Gotham Schools by Patrick Wall

December 2, 2013


Parents group shoots down school rezoning plan in midwestern Queens

New York Daily News by Clare Trapasso

November 27, 2013


CPS will use state-run data program, not controversial inBloom storehouse

Chicago Sun-Times by Becky Schlikerman

November 26, 2013


Parent Opposition Slims Student Data Collection

Heartland News by Evelyn B. Stacey

November 22, 2013


Parent-Teacher Conferences Limited to 3 Minutes at Big Middle Schools

DNA Info by Leslie Albrecht

November 21, 2013


NYC class sizes increase for sixth year in a row despite law requiring reduction

New York Amsterdam News by Leonie Haimson

November 21, 2013


King Faces Bipartisan Grilling Over Student Privacy Concerns

WNYC Schoolbook by Karen Dewitt

November 20, 2013


Average class size increases at NYC schools: report

Metro by Laura Shin

November 19, 2013


New York City class sizes average 25 children after growing six years

New York Daily News by Rachel Monahan

November 18, 2013


Schools, parents battle Albany on Common Core

Times Herald-Record by Pauline Liu

November 18, 2013


Parents Against Student Data-Mining Notch Victory in Colorado

The Blaze by Liz Klimas

November 15, 2013


More Lower Hudson school districts forfeit Race to the Top funds over student data

LoHud.com by Gary Stern

November 14, 2013

Parents get hearing date but no injunction in data-privacy suit

Capital New York by Jessica Bakeman

November 14, 2013


Senate education chair sees ‘potential’ for a data-privacy law

Capital New York by Jessica Bakeman

November 13, 2013


NY Parents Sue State to Halt Children’s Data Giveaway

Epoch Times by Petr Svab

November 14, 2013


State education leader calls data collection tied to Common Core crucial

LoHud.com by Gary Stern

November 13, 2013


NYC Parents File Lawsuit to Block State from Sharing Student Data

NBC New York

November 13, 2013


Parents’ suit aims to stop state’s education cloud data plan

Long Island Newsday by Chau Lam

November 13, 2013


Parents sue NY over student data-sharing system

Wall Street Journal/Associated Press

November 13, 2013


Lawsuit Filed in New York to Halt inBloom Program

Education Week by Ben Kamisar

November 13, 2013


NYC parents file lawsuit over student privacy

Times Herald-Record by Pauline Liu

November 13, 2013


New York City parents sue state over data-privacy concerns

Capital New York by Jessica Bakeman

November 13, 2013


Parents set to sue over student privacy

Politico by Stephanie Simon

November 13, 2013


NYC parents file suit against state Ed. Dept. over student data collection

Poughkeepsie Journal by Gary Stern

November 13, 2013


Common Core forum: Legislators want complaints from parents, educators

Poughkeepsie Journal by Nina Schutzman

November 13, 2013


NYC parents plan suit Wednesday to block state from sharing kids’ data with private firms

New York Daily News by Rachel Monahan

November 13, 2013


Bill de Blasio Faces Difficult Selection of School Chancellor

STNN.CC (in Chinese)

November 12, 2013


Bill de Blasio faces big test in picking next schools Chancellor

New York Daily News by Rachel Monahan and Ben Chapman

November 10, 2013


Two weeks later, state plans Common Core meetings in New York City

Capital New York by Jessica Bakeman

October 31, 2013


Community-based organizations protest State Board of Education implementing new projects

Epoch Times (in Chinese) by Wong Yee Lan

October 31, 2013


Schools expansion plan would create a cram session: group

New York Daily News by Ben Chapman

October 21, 2013

How NOT to argue with parents about Common Core

Michelle Malkin

October 18, 2013


Education chief cancels forums, charging ‘special interest’ crowd manipulation

Capital New York by Jessica Bakeman

October 15, 2013


Proposal to Co-locate Two New Schools Uptown Generates Heated Discussion

The Uptowner by Chen Wu

October 9, 2013


Deciding Who Sees Students’ Data

New York Times by Natasha Singer

October 6, 2013


City schools have thousands of overcrowded classes, students sitting on floors or standing in doorways: union officials

New York Daily News by Rachel Monahan

September 26, 2013


UFT Report Says Numerous City Classrooms Are Overcrowded

NY1 by Lindsey Christ

September 26, 2013


President’s Race to the Top Deemed a Failure

Huffington Post Live moderated by Alyona Minkovski

September 24, 2013


New York City Democrats embrace full speed reverse on education reforms

Politico by Stephanie Simon

September 11, 2013


Inside News Corp’s $540 Million Bet on American Classrooms

Mashable.com by Travis Andrews

August 29, 2013


Growing Angst Among LI Teachers, Parents about Common Core

LongIsland.com by Vickie Moller

August 23, 2013


New York State Senate to hold hearings on testing, teacher evaluations, other education reforms

Syracuse.com by Paul Riede

August 8, 2013


Key flaw in market-based school reform: a misunderstanding of the civil rights struggle

Washington Post by Valerie Strauss

August 5, 2013


Senator Flanagan to Host Hearings on State Education Policies

NYSenate.gov by Senator John J. Flanagan

July 25, 2013


Top Ten problems facing education today

GIMBY by Brooks Hays

July 25, 2013


NYC Parent Sounds Alarm on Student Privacy

WNYC Schoolbook by Leonie Haimson

July 23, 2013


Does class size affect the learning process?

VOXXI by Global Post

July 9, 2013


Student and teacher privacy may be at risk, warns Potsdam blogger

North Country Now by Ann Martin Carvill

July 5, 2013


Close but no cigar for student privacy bills

Queens Chronicle by Tess McRae

June 27, 2013


Forum a little bit of a late bloomer?

Queens Chronicle by Tess McRae

June 20, 2013


Locals join Albany rally against testing, data collection

Press-Republican by Kim Smith Dedam

June 16, 2013


Bill protecting privacy rights of NY students passes Assembly committee

Brooklyn Daily Eagle by Mary Frost

June 14, 2013


C4E Law on borough meetings upheld

New York Amsterdam News by Maryam Abdul-Aleem

June 13, 2013


The worm is turning

The Journal Gazette by Karen Francisco

June 9, 2013


Rally to send message to state: ‘Public education is important’

Utica Observer Dispatch by Keshia Clukey

June 7, 2013


Rain or shine, teachers from around the state mobilize for rally

GothamSchools by Geoff Decker

June 7, 2013


Amazon Cloud Servers Host Data on Millions of School Children


June 3, 2013


How Schools Are Selling Your Children’s Privacy

RINF by Mick Meaney

June 2, 2013


Mayoral Candidates Debate Future of NYC Public Schools

The Indypendent by Leonie Haimson

May 31, 2013


Parents express inBloom concerns

The Queens Chronicle by Tess McRae

May 30, 2013


Advocate: achievement gap widened under Bloomberg

The Riverdale Press

May 23, 2013


Advocates plan to protest $66 million tax break given to Hoboken publisher

The Jersey Journal by Charles Hack

May 21, 2013


Will the Data Warehouse Become Every Student and Teacher’s “Permanent Record”?

Education Week Teacher by Anthony Cody

May 20, 2013


City may drop testing agency Pearson over errors in gifted and talented scoring

New York Daily News by Corinne Lestch

May 10, 2013


“No” to Testing: More and More City Parents Boycott Standardized Tests

School Stories by Nell Gluckman

May 7, 2013


Parents And Educators Wary Of Program

Times Newsweekly by Max Jaeger

May 2, 2013


Is the DOE hurting or helping students?

Queens Chronicle by Tess McRae

May 2, 2013


NYC Parents Raise Questions About InBloom

EdSurge by Elizabeth Woyke

April 30, 2013


Parents Grill Department of Education Over Private Student Data Cloud

Village Voice Blog by Sydney Brownstone

April 30, 2013


Parents outraged over NYC schools data sharing program

Brooklyn Daily Eagle by Mary Frost

April 30, 2013


STUDENT DATA EXPOSED: Parents eye city plan to give individual student records to private biz

Brooklyn Daily Eagle by Mary Frost

April 29, 2013


John White Withdraws Louisiana Student Data from inBloom

Education Week by Andrew Ujifusa

April 26, 2013


Education Data: Privacy Backlash Begins

InformationWeek by Ellis Booker

April 26, 2013


WBAI Radio: Education at the Crossroads

Hosted by Basir Mchawi: featuring Leonie Haimson, Diane Ravitch, Marjorie Stamberg and Charlie Brover (starts at 6:45)

April 25, 2013


Scarsdale PT Council Urges Parents to Fight the Release of Personal Student Data

Scarsdale 10583

April 22, 2013


Error by testing giant Pearson shuts 2,700 out of city’s gifted and talented programs

New York Daily News by Ben Chapman and Corrine Lestch

April 20, 2013


The Education of Michael Bloomberg

The Nation by Leonie Haimson and Diane Ravitch

April 17, 2013


Rochester school board member Willa Powell among parents rejecting tests

Rochester City Newspaper by Tim Louis Macaluso

April 12, 2013


Student-Staff Ratios at Falls School District and How They Compare

Menomonee Falls Patch by Carl Engelking

April 12, 2013


New technology worries Guilford County parents

Fox News 8 by Mitch Carr

April 9, 2013


Should Private-School Parents Protest Public-School Policies?

The Atlantic by Emily Richmond

April 5, 2013


Activist’s ‘Private’ Issue

Wall Street Journal Blog by Lisa Fleisher

April 3, 2013


Leonie Haimson exits public school parenting but not advocacy

GothamSchools by Geoff Decker

April 3, 2013


New York schools chancellor  says Atlanta’s test scandal couldn’t happen here

Capital New York by Dana Rubinstein

April 2, 2013


Reducing class size is vital for success

Statesman Journal by Lisa Hughes

March 28, 2013


Outcry Over DOE’s Student Data Sharing Plan

Western Queens Gazette by Richard Gentilviso

March 27, 2013


Dept. of Ed.’s ‘trailer’ trash

New York Post by Yoav Gonen

March 26, 2013


Who is Stockpiling and Sharing Private Information About New York Students?

The Village Voice by Jason Lewis

March 22, 2013


Wednesday: CEC 21 Meets At IS 228 For Monthly Meeting

Besonhurst Bean News Blog by Erica Sherman

March 19, 2013


Privacy, big data and education: more about the inBloom databases

The Hechinger Report blog by Jill Barshay

March 18, 2013


Parents, Experts Blast New State Database of Private Student Info

NBC New York/ AP

March 15, 2013


Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell introduces bill to ban schools from sharing students’ personal data with private companies

New York Daily News by Tina Moore, Ben Chapman and Corinne Lestch

March 14, 2013


Parents Worry Over New Online Database of Student Information

Schoolbook/WNYC by Ilya Marritz

March 14, 2013


Company hired to manage student information

ABC Local (Channel 7) by Art McFarland

March 14, 2013


Officials join anti-data push, but Sheldon Silver sides with state

GothamSchools by Geoff Decker

March 14, 2014


Experts, Parents, Lawmakers Blast Database Providing Personal Student Information To Vendors

CBS New York/ AP

March 14, 2013


Student education data cloud inBloom puts sensitive information at risk, jeopardizes the lives of city and state students

New York Daily News Op-Ed by Leonie Haimson

March 14, 2013


New York parents furious at program, inBloom, that compiles private student information for companies that contract with it to create teaching tools

New York Daily News by Corinne Lestch and Ben Chapman

March 13, 2013


Traveling Bus Exhibit Has Mayoral Hopefuls “Get On Board” With Education Reform

NY1 by Lindsey Christ

March 13, 2013


Lawsuit charges Ed Department with violating student privacy rights

The Answer Sheet by Valerie Strauss

March 13, 2013


InBloom program concerns some Jeffco Schools parents

The Denver Post by Karen Groves

March 13, 2013


Public School Parents and Advocates Protest Violation of Kids’ Privacy

Politics 365 by Maegan Ortiz

March 13, 2013


Queens parents council says no room for new charters in overcrowded District 24

New York Daily News by Clare Trapasso

March 11, 2013


Diane Ravitch Launches Network For Public Education; Closure News In Philadelphia, Chicago, New York — Ed Today

Huffington Post blog by Joy Resmovits

March 8, 2013


News Corp. Education Tablet: For The Love Of Learning?

NPR by David Folkenflik

March 8, 2013


Big data and schools: Education nirvana or privacy nightmare?

The Hechinger Report blog

March 6, 2013


CFE sues NYC schools

Capitol Confidential by Rick Karlin

March 5, 2013


Parents sue New York over alleged violations of state funding law Contract for Excellence

New York Daily News by Corinne Lestch

March 5, 2013


K-12 student database jazzes tech startups, spooks parents

Reuters by Stephanie Simon

March 3, 2013


Mike takes school ‘stand’

New York Post by David Seifman and Yoav Gonen

March 2, 2013


Analysis: The Politics of Teacher Testing

NBC New York by Gabe Pressman

February 27, 2013


The State of Education: Common Core

1030 KVOI AM The Voice hosted by Robin Wright

February 23, 2013


City laxes promotion standards in response to tough state tests

New York Post by Yoav Gonen

February 20, 2013


Building a Student Data Infrastructure: Privacy, Transparency and the Gates Foundation-Funded inBloom

Hack Education by Audrey Watters

February 10, 2013


Bloomberg Outlines Tight Education Budget

SchoolBook by Beth Fertig

January 29, 2013


Teachers flip for ‘flipped learning’ class model

Associated Press by Christina Hoag

January 27, 2013


The standardized testing debate: Effective or expired?

VOXXI by Hope Gillette

January 19, 2013


Failed Evaluation Talks Widely Denounced

Schoolbook by Patricia Willens

January 18, 2013


DTOE Talk Show Episode 2

DTOE Talk Show by Francesco Portelos

January 15, 2013


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