Please help us advocate against the egregious budget cuts planned for schools next year!

April 27, 2022 Yesterday, Mayor Adams announced his executive budget, and though he he added $1.2 billion for various initiatives, including even more funding for the police, he is still planning to cut school budgets by $375 million over the next three years, which combined with unidentified school budget “efficiency savings” of this year, would […]

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Leonie Haimson’s testimony on School Facilities before the NYC Council Education Committee

Attached is Leonie Haimson’s testimony on school facilities before the NYC Council Education Committee on June 24, 2013. Haimson specifically focused on school overcrowding, which is worsening because of enrollment increases, colocations, and poor planning on the part of DOE. Read it here: [scribd id=149916029 key=key-2lzybgxaflxlxlygdse mode=scroll]

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