Send a message today, urging the Gov & Legislature: Don’t raise the cap on charters; instead repeal NYC’s obligation to give them with space & require more accountability!

Feb. 7, 2023

Last week, Gov. Hochul proposed raising the cap on charter schools so that 100-300 more could be authorized statewide and in NYC, since every new charter school is allowed to expand to all grade levels.  Charters are already costing the city about $3 billion per year, and this could double the cost, as well as take away precious space needed to lower class size to the levels in the new state law. A press conference with State senators and parent leaders denouncing this proposal was held last week; see the videos here​.

So please send a message​ to the Governor and your state legislators today, urging them to drop this proposal and instead repeal the provision requiring DOE to provide space for charter schools in public schools or pay for their rent — the only school district in the state and the nation with this onerous obligation.  They should also eliminate the loophole allowing charter schools to expand to all grade levels, otherwise this will continue to cost DOE more money and space every year; and instead, should require more accountability and transparency for the charter sector.

2.  We also have drafted a resolution for CECs​ and other organizations to consider, in opposition to raising the charter cap, and urging the Legislature to adopt the measures above and more.  The resolution is full of facts and figures. We also have a resolution​, urging the Legislature and the NYC Council to hold hearings on DOE’s class size reduction plan — or as the evidence suggests, their lack of any real plan.

Please take a look and if you agree with one or both resolutions, send them to your district CEC or Citywide Council to consider.

thanks, Leonie

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