Help deliver smaller classes to NYC kids in 2​02​2

December 23, 2021

Though it was disappointing that the City Council was blocked from passing the class size bill Int. 2374, despite 41 co-sponsors, we did prove that there is a tremendous consensus and a growing impetus to finally provide NYC kids with the smaller classes they need and deserve.

We will work to see that a bill to require class size reduction is passed by the Council and/or the Legislature in their upcoming sessions beginning next month. Help us achieve this by donating to Class Size Matters.

Two recent media clips about why smaller classes are so critical right now: my recent piece in the Nation entitled, To Reduce Inequality in Our Education System, Reduce Class Sizes, and this eloquent testimonial from a NYC 4th grade teacher, who explains how much quicker students are learning this year in her class of 21 rather than 32.

As she writes, after the class read the book “The Invisible Boy”,

One child immediately responded, “I felt invisible in quarantine.” He was referring to the year and a half he spent in remote learning. Our children are finally back in school now, surrounded by classmates and caring adults. We cannot let them feel invisible in another, equally isolating way — vying for attention in overcrowded classrooms. In small classes, we can ensure that every student — in their joy, wisdom, wonder, quirks, strengths, and struggles — is seen. We can make enormous strides to overcome the pandemic-fueled academic gaps that many of them are facing. We can do this, with the appropriate amount of political will.

Truly if we want our students to feel seen and cared for, there is no choice but to lower class size. And we can do this with your help. Please join with us to make sure it happens in 2022 by making a tax-deductible contribution to Class Size Matters.

Have a happy and a safe holiday for you and your family,

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