Why Parents Opt Out and Our Lawsuit vs The City on School Leadership Team Meetings

August 28, 2015 Dear Friends, A few quick links I wanted to share with you. Last week, I wrote an op-ed with Jeanette Deutermann of Long Island Opt for City and State about why an estimated 225,000 NY parents chose to have their children refuse the state exams last year. Despite the rash of editorials excoriating parents for […]

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Update on city’s decision to reject class size recommendations of DOE working group

July 30, 2015 Dear Friends,  On Tuesday, the city announced it would reject the recommendations of the Blue Book Working Group, appointed by the Chancellor and co-chaired by the head of the School Construction Authority, to incorporate smaller classes into the school utilization formula. The city suppressed these recommendations for more than six months, and […]

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Video and news from our explosive April Town Hall meeting on student privacy

On April 30th we held a Town hall meeting at Brooklyn Borough Hall about the state and city plan to share personally identifiable student information with a corporation called inBloom inc. and other third party vendors. About 150 people showed up, including:  two Regents (Regent Kathleen Cashin of Brooklyn and Regent Betty Rosa of the […]

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