Please answer our brief survey to see if DOE is helping schools maintain new class size caps next year!

The DOE’s Draft Class Size Reduction Plan makes only one real commitment for next year:

Ensure that schools with classrooms that currently meet the class size mandate have appropriate funding to continue to maintain these class sizes in SY23-24.

Yet there is no information in the plan or otherwise on how  the DOE is planning to ensure this, and we have already heard from some schools where  classes made the class size caps in the law but will not make the caps next year, and these schools appear to have received no special funding or support to prevent class sizes from further increasing.

So I need parents and teachers to ask your principal or SLT whether there were classes that did make the cap this year, but are unlikely to the caps in the law again which are for general ed, ICT and gifted classes: no more than 20 students in grades K-3; 23 students in grades 4-8, and 25 in high school classes.

And please let us know what you find out by filling out the brief survey below.  Thanks!

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