News update on state’s actions on class size and our new Myths vs. facts doc

January 16, 2024

1.   News update: The State Education Department added to their regulations the required timeline for public hearings and DOE’s submission of their annual class size plan, as AQE, ED Law Center and Class Size Matters had requested, important to ensure that this happens before the school year has begun and the money has already been spent. Also, according to this must-read article in Politico, SED has asked DOE to come up with a more detailed analysis of what physical space and funding will be provided to lower class size, especially for the neediest schools, as AQE and CSM had urged in our letter to SED. The truth is that the DOE has provided no additional space or funding to any school to lower class size, but continues to cut school budgets and the capital plan instead.

2.     We have now posted an updated FAQ on the class size law, and a new Myths vs. Facts document, to dispel some of the misinformation that has been spread about the new law and what needs to be done to implement it. Take a look. Also please share our draft resolution with your district CEC and/or Community Board, urging the DOE to enact a real class size reduction plan and adopt the recommendations of the Class Size Working Group.

3.     The final hearings on Mayoral control are scheduled for this Thursday night in Manhattan and Jan. 29 on Staten Island. More info here. Though the registration list is already full for Manhattan, at the last three hearings anyone who showed up was allowed to speak. Check out the video and some of the compelling statements of parents and teachers who spoke at the Brooklyn hearings last week, 95% of whom were opposed to allowing Mayoral control to continue.

If you do show up to speak at the hearings, please mention the failure of the last three Mayors to lower class size, even though both Bloomberg and de Blasio promised to do so during their campaigns. Meanwhile, Adams is openly resisting compliance with the class size law. I will also offer talking points soon if you’d like to submit written comments to the state on Mayoral control; deadline Jan. 31. Thanks!

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